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Sunday, Mar 29th

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Hu steps down stamping his legacy

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Beijing: China’s President for a decade Hu Jintao on November 14 stepped down from power, leaving a stamp of his own with the ruling Communist Party incorporating his theory of “Scientific Out-look” in its Constitution, figuring along theories of top leaders like Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. His decade-long reign ended on November 14, as new set of leaders was elected by the Congress. The new leaders including Hu’s successor, Xi Jinping formally unveiled on November 15. Besides emerging as the second largest economy, China’s annual per capita income during Hu’s era  has increased from $ 931 to $ 3461.  Grain yield went up 457 million tonnes to 571 million tonnes, while economy registered an average growth of around 10 percent. However, he is stepping down at a time when Chinese economy started sliding down reaching 7.4 percent in the fourth quarter of the year missing the 7.5 percent target due to steep fall in exports. His regime is also marked by heavy deterioration of China’s environment as the country sped on feverish growth emerging as the world’s largest carbon emitter surpassing US. Also as an offshoot of economic reforms, China for the first time witnessed ballooning wealth gap between rich and poor, prompting the party to make it as a priority issue to be resolved by the new leadership.