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Indian Americans need to rethink dedication to Democratic Party

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By Dr. C. Yeshwant

South Barrington, IL: I am a physician practicing in the USA for over 25 years. I believe this is the time for us, Americans of Indian origin, to reexamine our dedication to the Democratic Party of the USA.

I did not leave India because I was persecuted. As a young man with a medical degree I realized quickly that my only option in India in the 1970s was to join a burgeoning government and become part of an ineffective, corrupt bureaucracy of the Babu Raj.

Instead, I chose to pursue the American dream of free enterprise. Just like many of you, I enjoyed and benefited by actively participating in the unique American experience and was able to build a thriving medical practice from scratch and send my children to best schools in the country.

The Indian experience in socialism ended in massive government bureaucracy, political patronage and corruption stifling the growth of a great nation.

Despite apparent benefits of switching to capitalism, India still suffers from the lasting effects of socialist apathy we suffered for years.

These socialist policies have driven out many of us from the country in the 1970s and 1980s.

Europe is reeling from the effects of socialism. Greece and Spain are just a few examples. The government-led health care of the United Kingdom is the third largest employer in the world only next to Chinese army and the Indian Railways. Just see how well it is run.

To think that a socialist experiment in the USA is going to have a different result is foolish. As the population gets resigned to “Uncle Sam” taking care of our health to wealth, they will do very little to contribute to personal or professional growth. The entrepreneurs will loose incentive to take risk and build successful companies, which create jobs. Just see the fruits of free market economy — Disney, Google and Apple — just to name a few.

“The rich will pay for it” attitude will kill any innovation or hard work.  The Indians, who immigrated to the USA, have been very instrumental in contributing to the miracle that is America. Our children have raised the notch a little higher with better education and financial stability created by dedicated hard working parents setting good examples.

Obama’s policies and his track record of “tax and spend” (on government programs) will clearly land this country in a socialist path. This election more than ever will change the course of this country irreversibly. This will affect you and your children and grandchildren well in to the future.

I would urge the population of Indian origin to ponder their political stand very seriously.

With Obama in the White House you may get more than what you bargained for, a little India of the 1950s right here in the USA.