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Indians shedding Indianness; there won’t be another Gandhi to save them

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By Rajesh Gandhi

Via e-mail

While reading the front-page editorial — Leaders must shed ego, muster support to organize conventions — published in India Tribune dated October 26, I gather that Prashant Shah is pretty upset with the big umbrella organizations. I have read such harsh editorials from him in the past as well. His cry is falling on deaf ears and I can feel his pain. We are minority. My advice to him is not to publish any reports of these organizations’ activities in India Tribune. Give them no publicity, till they fade away.

Prashant Shah also states that we Indians lack Indanness in our hearts. Prashant Shah,  where have you been all these years? We are heartless people no doubt about it; but we are also self-centered and narrow-minded, money-worshipping people. Unity is not in our blood; that is why for thousands of years Indians are divided into many regions based on culture, religion and language — this is called “Indianness.”  Europeans call India a sub-continent for no other reasons. Even after immigrating to America, we have not learned how to be united.

Before Indians started mass exodus to Western countries from 1970s and onwards, only in East Africa large communities of Gujarat used to live, many of them were Patels. Since they were not unified and did not assimilate into African societies, they got kicked out of those countries. Now we are three-million-strong in America, and we live like we used to live back home in India. We are divided and we have set up temples, community centers and cultural associations all over the country based on our past background. The sad news is that infighting will continue until the future generation of people are born and raised.

Because we are protected by the First Amendment, we won’t be kicked out of the USA. But give another 25 years and Indians in America will live like Indians in West Indies, Fiji and Guyana, and they will severe ties with “Indianness” altogether. Alas, we won’t be alive to see that kind of change. There won’t be another Gandhi to save us this time. As they say “we reap what we sow.”