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Monday, Mar 30th

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‘Do-not-call registry’ does not work

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By  Nisha Bhatt

Via e-mail

The government has put in place a “do-not-call registry,” which allows e-mail receivers to opt out. However, in practice it does not work. Companies are very notorious and send you e-mails anyway. Not only that, but also if you write to them asking them to remove your e-mail from their lists, you will be flooded with more e-mails. I recently went on the Web site of one insurance company, which advertises to save you lots of money for car insurance. I learned that their rates are, in fact, higher than my current insurance company for the same coverage, so I did not change my carrier. But that was not the end of my inquiry. While getting the quote, I was asked to enter my phone number and e-mail address.  Now I receive calls and text messages and my mailbox is flooded with e-mails from many companies and the amount of spam mail I get has increased 10-fold. So be careful. Despite their denials, these insurance companies do sell your e-mails to other outlets. Writing them to opt out won’t work either, because it confirms that yours is a valid e-mail and they, in turn, will sell it to more companies. Your only solution is to delete spam mails permanently.