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Prep your diet for Diwali sweets

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It is just impossible to imagine Indian festivities without mouth-watering sweets, isn’t it? The festival of lights gives us reasons galore to gorge on home-made goodies and foods rich in sugar and fat.

When you eat that Diwali sweet, do you find yourself thinking: “If I walk for 20 minutes, I’ll undo the calories” – and that never happens, does it?

Because that would mean 20 minutes more than your usual workout for each piece you eat. Instead, why not try to prep your diet for Diwali sweets — cut out some calories from your daily consumption to make room for the calories from Diwali sweets. To prep your diet for Diwali sweets isn’t a perfect method – it’s simple math on calories and nothing else. But you know the other option: Just like every year, the good work from the last 10 months will be undone in just seven days.

The usual suspects

1. Jalebi (100gm – 1 big piece) – 380 calories.

2. Gulabjamun (2 small) – 280 calories.

3. Rasgullas (2) – 110 calories.

4. Sandesh (2) – 60 calories.

5. Gajar Halwa (150gm) – 260 calories.

6. Kaju Katri (1) – 100 calories.

7. Burfi (1): 124 calories.

These numbers are for reference only and aren’t 100 percent accurate. They can’t be because there are no standards on ingredients, quantities and recipes.

20 ways to cut out some daily calories

1. 1 slice of brown bread instead of 2 at breakfast – cut 70 calories.

2. A medium orange instead of 1 glass of fresh orange juice – cut 106 calories.

3. 3/4 cup oatmeal instead of a 1-1/2 cups of oatmeal – cut 97 calories.

4. Replace the potato vada breakfast – cut 170 calories.

5. 1 less roti – cut 85 calories.

6. 1 less puri – cut 150 calories.

7. At work, don’t drink five cups of tea (1 cup with 2tsp skim milk and 2tsp sugar) – cut 225 calories.

8. At work, don’t drink five cups of coffee (1 cup with 2tsp skim milk and 2tsp sugar) – cut 225 calories.

9. Cola drink with lunch – cut 145 calories.

10. Sweet lassi with lunch – cut 150 calories.

11. Milkshake with lunch – cut 185 calories.

12. Skip the veg hakka noodles for lunch – cut 200 calories.

13. Don’t order chilli chicken for lunch – cut 285 calories.

14. Order steamed rice instead of fried rice – cut 120 calories.

15. Skip the mayo in your sub – cut 60 calories per tablespoon.

16. Get a turkey breast sub instead of salami – cut 119 calories.

17. Plain dosa instead of cheese dosa – cut 70 calories.

18. Don’t eat the coconut chutney that comes with the idli – cut 64 calories per tablespoon.

19. Don’t eat the papad before dinner – cut 142 calories per piece.

20. Eat steamed rice instead of pulao – cut 80 calories per serving.

Now remember, if you’re clever about it, you can save enough calories for just about one helping of Diwali sweets and the process starts all over the next day.

So go ahead and have a healthy blast this Diwali and while you're at it, spare a thought for the needy and the less privileged and contribute to some good cause in order to lend meaning to this festival of light-Diwali!