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Sunday, Mar 29th

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May this festive season bring us peace and harmony

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Dear Readers:


Hurricane Sandy’s swath of destruction in the Tri-State area has resulted in the death of over 90 people and ruin of the livelihood of thousands of people.

Regardless of religion or color of the skin, human tragedy of any kind brings nothing but pain to all of us. But it also brings us together in the hour of dire need to help the victims of disasters caused by mother nature.

Even in India, Cyclone Nilam has played havoc, destroyed standing crops, and killed many in southern states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Such calamities only show how fragile our lives are in the face of nature’s fury. But they also strengthen our resolve to stand together and overcome all hurdles. During this Diwali festivities, let us pray Almighty God to give solace and peace to all of us and especially to those people, whose dear ones have lost their precious lives, and provide strength to those who have lost their properties in the devastation.

On the same note, let us also pray for those who were killed in the political upheaval in Middle Eastern countries. Let us pray for those brave soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, who fight for our well-being. Let us also pray for those families and businesses that have suffered losses because of the current morbid economy.

Let’s vow to make our lives worthy of living by helping our fellow human beings. Let’s stand up against cruelty to animals by supporting NGOs like PETA. Let’s live united to safeguard our communities, our countries and this mother earth.

May the spirit of light remove darkness, illuminate our lives, and brighten our future.

May the light that we celebrate during Diwali show us the way and lead us together towards world peace and harmony.


Happy Diwali to you all.





Prashant Shah