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Friday, Mar 27th

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Kickoff party of Golden Indian Film Awards is big disappointed

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Dear Readers:

“It’s ridiculous … It’s the most unprofessional event I have ever attended… It turns out to be a farce. It is a mockery.  I’m upset by the misinformation given to me by the organizers …” These were the angry, bitter and caustic reactions of the guests, who on October 1 attended the so-called kickoff party of Golden Indian Film Awards (GIFA), which is supposed to be held in June 2013 in Chicago by Sohil Khan Entertainment, and for the first time ever to be sponsored by the State of Illinois.

With three weeks of hype that was generated among the people by Governor’s office, the chief organizer misinformed the sponsors and guests and requested some of  them to cough up each between $1,000 to $3,000 to cover the expenses towards the kickoff event. The organizers from Governor’s office assured that the GIFA kickoff party would be graced by Bollywood stars Abhisek Bachchan, Amir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Sohil Khan.  But surprisingly none of these stars had shown up at the event. Even Abhisek Bachchan and Amir Khan, who were lodging only a few minutes away from the kickoff venue, did not show up.

The elite members of the community eagerly waited for over three hours to have a glimpse of their favorite stars. But the fond hope of the elite members, some of them, who paid a big price, had turned out to be a bitter experience. Worst of all things was that the organizers even did not have the minimum decency and face to offer an apology to the guests and sponsors.

I don’t know what went wrong and whom to blame. Was it stars, who usually do not attend any event if they don’t get paid in advance or was it a GIFA Group (we don’t know what kind of contract they have signed with Governor’s office) or was it the organizers from Governor’s office, who did not have firm commitment from the stars in writing? The only thing I know is that the GIFA kickoff party was a total goof up, a flop, a farce and a fiasco. Those, who attended this supposed kickoff party, now have no faith in the whole project.

I earnestly request the organizers from the Governor’s office that before they plan any such an ambitious event, to do their homework first and have written contracts from the artists or GIFA Group.  Otherwise the organizers are the ones, who lose their credibility.  The sponsors and people will never believe such organizers in their future events.  It will be some sort of damage control, if the organizers, in all fairness, return the money they have collected from the sponsors and guests before any complaint or criticism reaches Governor Pat Quinn or the mainstream media.


Prashant Shah