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For Congress Party in India, it is fashion to demean Hindus

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By Santosh C. Verma

Diamond Bar, CA: In India, it is becoming customary or a fashion for the Congress Party to demean Hindus or call them terrorists. This Congress Party of today is forgetting that Sonia Gandhi is a Christian, Manmohan Singh is a Sikh and many Christians are holding key positions in the government.  What happens in the future in America and Europe, I do not know, but the chairmen of both Republican Party and Democratic Party are always Christians. Now compare it with India. India is a true secular democracy.

And in the Muslim world, it is unthinkable for a non-Muslim to hold a key position or be a Prime Minister or Muslim Party leadership.

Therefore, demeaning Hindus on the part of the Congress Party is dangerous and this is unworthy in a country, which is the largest democracy in the world with over one billion people.  The Congress Party must not indulge in cheap politics.

Hindus like Gandhi, Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Sardar Patel and many others made the Congress a great national party.  It does not mean that Nehru did not make any mistakes, but people of  India, because of his sacrifices, forgave him.  Indians admire him.  Nehru gave Tibet to China on a silver platter and now China wants Arunachal.  If he had not   done so, today India would be much different and China would not threaten India for more territory.

The division of India was Nehru’s  call in spite of Gandhi was against it.  Kashmir would not have been a problem, if Nehru had listened to Sardar Patel.  Nehru was an idealist.  India is paying the price and the Congress Party of today is making it worst.

In spite all the blunders of Nehru, people have continued to support the Congress Party.  Now the Congress Party is cutting the tree on which it is sitting.  Hindus are very tolerant in general.  Indian culture is a way of life for all.

Today Pakistan is becoming a Sunni country where Shia, Christian, Hindus, and Sufis are being killed or being forced to convert to Sunni sect of the Muslim religion.  Pakistan harbors terrorists.  Pakistan military and ISI are behind the terrorist groups.

Bangladesh was freed by India. Now Bangladeshis are infiltrating into India all the way to Punjab, Chandigarh and elsewhere. Terrorism from Bangladesh is a real threat to India. But the Congress Party will do nothing. Today India’s borders are insecure. The Congress Party’s policy of appeasement is dangerous and threatens the integrity of India.

Please do not poison the minds of the people.  The Congress Party is not expected to go that low when the fact is only in India all religions are living more or less peacefully compared to the other parts of the world like Africa, Egypt, Iraq and many other countries.  Even the UK and France are in trouble, forget living in Mali, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq and other countries.  I am sure that leaders of the Congress Party know this well or they should get a lesson in world affairs.  India is the best for all.

Terrorists are in Pakistan.  The Congress Party has an obligation to demand Pakistan and Bangladesh to restore to their original purpose of their creation.

Today, under the leadership of Congress Party, corruption is sky high, gang-rapes are becoming routine, greed is at the extreme level, sexual addiction, pubs, and discos are spreading like fire.  Poverty is extreme. Inflation is high.   Anyone, who protests, is crushed.  People voices are being crushed.  In today’s Congress Party’s rule (UPA), even Gandhi and Nehru would have no chance of success; they would be crushed too.

I appeal to the Congress Party leaders — Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and others — to try and know the true religion of Hindus.  Muslims and Christians would not like to migrate from India to Pakistan and Bangladesh or  other countries.

I request the Congress Party to focus on the key issues and not to indulge in divisive tactics in order to gain votes from the minorities. All my life, I have believed in Congress Party in spite of its shortcomings but now I am confused and feel very sad.  This is not the Congress Party I can feel proud of now.