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Tuesday, Mar 31st

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Gun control can save many valuable lives

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By J.K. Bhattacharjee

Oxford, OH: Even after the brutal massacre of Sandy Hook Elementary School children and teachers by Adam Lanza, NRA leaders, keep saying  “gun does not kill people.”  Well, if Adam Lanza did not have any guns, including the high powered rifle, could he have brutally murdered those innocent children and teachers? The answer is a definite  “no.” That is, no individual no matter however mentally unstable he or she is, would be able to cause multiple murders without having any guns.

Additionally, the same NRA leaders keep on saying that buying and keeping more guns is good for the safety and protection of all individuals. Well, Adam Lanza’s mother bought three guns including a high-powered rifle apparently for her own protection. Sadly, she was murdered in her own home by her own son using her own guns. If she did not have those guns at her home, most likely she would be alive today as would be those innocent children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School because Adam Lanza used her  guns to cause this massacre.

I hope all the people, including NRA leaders would agree that control on sale of guns and assault weapons is the solution to minimize gun-related crimes, and save many valuable lives.