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Tuesday, Mar 31st

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Lucky seniors, who enjoy best of both worlds

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By Praful Shah

Via e-mail

Some of the senior citizens of Indian origin,  who have been lucky to get green cards and the US citizenship have been enjoying the best of both worlds — the US and India.

These privileged senior citizens go back to India to spend the winter there. While their grown-up children are spending their lives here in harsh winter working, these seniors are like migratory birds. Each year, thousands of them head to mild climate of India soon after Thanksgiving Day and will return after the Holi.

How lucky they are! They  get to live in best of two worlds. Thanks to the US Immigration policy that passed family unification laws some 25 years ago under the Reagan administration that allows seniors to immigrate to the US after they retire. The people, who run senior daycare centers, are also flourishing, because the US government pays them good money to take care of  these parents, whose children are rich.

Many of these seniors, collect SSI, Medicaid (the most important necessities) and other sops here, even though their children are high-paid professionals, businessmen and well-to-do people. And many of these seniors themselves get retirement income (pension) in India and also have regular income from their properties there.

No wonder why thousands of seniors are applying and waiting in line to immigrate to the US. They also validate the fact that if India is like hell, America is like  paradise.