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Revive art and science of sublimation to discourage sex offences

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By Greesh Sharma, Ph.D.

Via e-mail

Clinicalization of criminals is an overreach. Rape is rape  and criminals need to be treated by the legal system and not tried by psychologists. However, the psychologist associations can take an ethical stand as to their position on rape and also suggest methods to prevent. Addiction dimension will only dilute the nature of crime and change the national focus.

Psychologists are in the best position to spell out skills for negotiating sexual behavior, managing one’s sexual needs, defining aggression vs. genuine intimacy, emotional aspects of feminism and in essence clarifying overall social-sexual values and behaviors involving interpersonal and inter gender relationships.

Women have been and continue to be victims. They have been traditionally and universally used and abused as a commodity and it’s time to invite them to be equal partner in every aspect of life — private as well as economic, social and sexual.

In the olden days, all that a woman had to say was Bhaiya and it almost always worked to neutralize any  sexual advances by men. However, nowadays sex is the latest toy that Indians have found and men are not about to give up so easily unless immediate, harsh negative reinforcements and dire consequences are delivered by the police, justice system as well as by good Samaritans.

Clinically, I support red light districts in all major towns, and I suggest that prostitutes must be looked after medically, and their well being is taken care of. There can’t be a city without a sewer system and I am convinced that men’s sexual garbage, metaphorically speaking, can be contained by simple sublimation, some religious rhetoric or even Shariya type putting to death.

Take away the sex, violence, power struggle, perpetual dance of good and evil, and the social world as we know it,  will cease to exist. In other words, as negative as these aspects of human nature are, they are inevitable and the challenge is to bring order, balance, idealism, ethics, morality, sublimation as well as legal sword.

Psychologists’ best contribution should be to make a pitch for educating the masses, social-religious-political systems to implement skills of sublimation, self-discipline, empathy and, of course, art to recognize psychopaths, sociopaths and antisocial personalities, and to proactively contain, confine, control or castrate them.

American system of dealing with psychopaths is not only most costly in the world but an utter failure.

Shariya type handling is too barbaric and anti-female and, therefore not fit for 21st century. Indians had traditionally mastered the art and science of sublimation and it needs to be revived along with national debate and value clarification.