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Tuesday, Mar 31st

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Now Ramayana in Polish language

Warsaw: The Rama-yana, the great Indian epic, is now available in Polish language, courtesy Janusz Krzyzowski, an Indologist in Poland, who has translated the monumental work.

Though few episodes of the Ramayana were translated into Polish in 1816, these were mere translation of Western writers. In the 20th century, some attempts were made to translate a few more chapters.

It seems Krzyzowski collected the material from dozens of books and presented in a coherent manner so that a reader could sustain his interest while going through different chapters. The original was penned by Maharishi Valmiki in Sanskrit.

“My main purpose was to translate this epic into many chapters in a story format so that laymen and particularly Polish children could enjoy the book as well as they should be aware of the great Indian mythological tradition.

The book’s effect was visible when a group presented a two-hour show on the pattern of Ramlila. In May, the group will visit few cities in Poland to enact Ramlila for Polish schoolchildren with the help of the Embassy of India in Warsaw.

“He has done great justice to promote India in his nation. He deserves all our praise and we feel proud that such a gem is with us in Poland,” Indian Ambassador Monika Mohta said.

Krzyzowski is the president of India-Poland Cultural Com-mittee since its inception in 2004.