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Saturday, Mar 28th

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Ban ‘masala’ movies and save women from being raped

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By Vinod Shah

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The recent news of gang-rape of a 23-year-old medical student in a New Delhi bus on may have outraged many in India, but it has made me ashamed of my Indian heritage.  This type of incident is not uncommon, and as a matter of fact they occur every minute on any given day in some town and city in India. Some happen openly, but most happen privately in someone’s office or home. Sadly, all of them are unreported for the fear of reprisal, backlash and humiliation.

I have heard many horror stories of rich people (and their teenage boys) raping their female servants and then taking them to some shoddy doctor for abortion in her late term pregnancy and letting them die just save their faces in the society. In the film industry if a new female actor wants a part, she must do favors to the director, assistant director or some crony. If a young woman goes for a job interview, she will get job not because of her credentials, but because of her flirting attitude with the boss. Women can’t get ahead in life without doing favors. Put your sister or daughter in some one’s place and then see how you react.

All rape and murder scenes from our movies should be banned. As we all know, gangsters, villains or heroes in every movie start  romance by teasing, chasing and harassing girls. Actors like Shakti Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Gulshan Gover and Ranjeet have become famous for their villain roles. Also, fight directors like Viru Devgan, Ravi Khanna and their stuntmen would be out of work, if producers and directors decide not to show any form of violence and scenes, including boys harassing girls, while singing ludicrous songs in their movies.

I have yet to see a movie, which is solely based on good plot and good dialogues. Indian movies are “masala” movies and we need to get away from this formula. Movies like Bandit Queen and Escape from Taliban should not have been made.

If God has created us in His image, we cannot live like animals. It is our moral obligation to treat every woman as if she is our mother, wife, sister or daughter and instill these qualities in our children. We need drastic changes in our thinking, behavior and outlook towards women if we want to walk with our heads high. Remember, the hands that rocks the cradle, rule the world!