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Modi is unstoppable; he is PM of India in waiting

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By Narain Kataria

New York: Chief Minister Narendra Modi has played a hat-trick in Gujarat. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won 115 seats out of 182 in the assembly. Now let us see what are the implications of this election and what does this election mean to India.

This is the beginning of the end of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty in Delhi.

This election is a slap on the face of anti-Hindu Congress Party.

The Gujarat elections have exposed anti-Hindu/India media’s malicious propaganda against Narendra Modi.

The diabolical designs of deadly combination of Leftist-Islamic fundamentalist axis have been nipped in the bud.

This election has proved beyond any shadow of doubt that Sonia and Rahul are no match for Narendra Modi.

The defeat of senior Gujarat Congress Party leaders in the election has cast an aspersion on their credibility, integrity and popularity.

This election is vindication for Narendra Modi’s policies of progress and peace.

People have voted for Narendra Modi’s capability to contain terrorism and communal riots in Gujarat.

This election will play the role of a game changer. This election has demoralized anti-Hindu/India forces and emboldened Hindu patriots.

Voters have defeated the Congress Party squarely in Gujarat. I hope that in the 2014 elections, Hindu voters will vote in unison and strategically for nationalist forces and get back India from the corrupt anti-Hindu Congress government.

Narendra Modi is a dynamic and charismatic leader. He is unstoppable now. It is our duty to support him whole-heartedly and ensure that he becomes the next Prime Minister of India.

(Narain Kataria is the president of New York-based Indian American Intellectuals Forum).