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India beat Pakistan to clinch T20 World Cup

Bangalore: A belligerent India beat Pakistan by 30 runs in a thrilling final of T20 World Cup for the sightless at the Central College ground on December 13.

Batting first on a warm day, India scored 258 runs for eight wickets in the stipulated 20 overs and restricted Pakistan to 228 runs for eight wickets in their 20 overs to lift the maiden World Cup.

For India, Ketan Bhai Patel hit a hurricane 98, while Prakash Jayaramaiah contributed 42 and vice-captain Ajay Kumar Reddy 25, while for Pakistan Mohammed Jameel posted a breezy 47, Ali Murthaza 38 and Mohammed Akram 32.

Pakistan had remained unbeaten throughout the tournament only to fumble in the final match to their arch rivals India. India did well to clinch the first ever blind cricket T20 World Cup on the home soil.