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IIT placement season: Microsoft, Google and Amazon offer high salaries

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Mumbai: Multinationals Citi-bank, Coca Cola and Amazon on on December 2 entered the fray at the Indian Institutes of Technology, where both salaries and the number of offers have topped last year’s figures in the first two days of the annual placements.

Day- 2 of the event saw offers of international postings and an average salary of Rs.  10 lakh at the Guwahati campus and Rs. 20 lakh at IIT Kharagpur. The line-up of companies wanting to tap Indian talent included eBay, PayPal, Accenture, Nomura, Flipkart and SISO (Samsung India Software Operations), American Express, Schlum-berger, Qualcomm, Adobe, Wal-Mart, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Johnson Matthey, Epic and Directi.

Among the Indian firms that came scouting on the second day were Axis BankBSE 0.19  percent and Times Internet, according to Avijit Chatterjee, professor-in-charge, placements, at IIT Bombay. IIT Guwahati had received 121 offers till December 2 evening, with Amazon, Adobe and Paypal offering packages of Rs. 13 lakh, Rs. 15 lakh and Rs. 17 lakh, respectively. Qualcomm, Morgan Stanley and OracleBSE -0.15  percent were among the other companies present.

The premier institute’s Kanpur campus was host to Coca Cola, Amazon, Johnson Matthey, Epic, Directi, and Citibank, which came up with three different profiles.

In terms of pay package,  the top recruiters across the older IITs like Kharagpur, Kanpur, Guwahati, Bombay and Madras were Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Sam-sung, with salaries ranging from $120,000 to $150,000 for positions based primarily out of the US and Korea.

Oilfield Services BSE 1.89  percent company Schlum-berger has once again emerged the favorite in terms of highest number of offers: 25 at IIT Kharagpur alone with salary offers of Rs.18 lakh. Microsoft has so far made 21 offers at IIT Kharagpur, 22 at IIT Madras and 16 at IIT Guwahati. Some of them were for foreign postings and the highest salary paid by the firm was around $130,000.

On the first day, IIT Kharagpur received 133 offers, a third more than what it had recorded last year, according to S.K. Barai, professor-in-charge, training and placement.

At IIT Kanpur, students accepted 133 of the more than 150 offers made, according to Vimal Kumar, the placement-in-charge at the institute. While Mitsubishi offered 13 jobs, GE picked 16 students; BCG offered three posts and EXL 13-14.

Social networking platform Facebook has made four offers at IIT Kharagpur so far, the same as last year.

At IIT Bombay, as many as 35 companies made 160 offers on the first day, with Microsoft, Schlumberger and Samsung leading the list in terms of number of offers.

IIT Madras, which saw 75 students getting placed on December 1, had American Express, Schlumberger, Ama-zon, Paypal, Qualcomm, Adobe and Walmart amongst the firms that came calling on December 2.