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Wednesday, Apr 01st

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She is a ‘right’ heart baby

Ajmer: She is just a newborn, but she has amazed many with her ‘right heart.” Well! When doctors count heart beats, they put the stethoscope on the left side of the chest—because human heart is largely situated towards the left of the chest. But this is not the case with this baby. Her heart is towards the right. Actually, when she was born, medical staff tried to count her heart beats, but they could not hear anything. Puzzled, they put the stethoscope on the right side of her chest and everything turned out to be right.

This is a very rare situation, but surely not life threatening, say the doctors. However, she is put on ventilator in Amritkaur Hospital as she is not keeping well.

They hope everything turns out to be right for this right heart baby.