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Saturday, Feb 28th

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Fresh row in Gujarat over Congress poll campaign ad

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Ahmedabad: After controversy over the use of a Sri Lankan child in a Gujarat Congress  Party advertisement on malnutrition, the party is again facing flak for using photographs of farmers of other states in its ad related to electricity connections to farmers.

Under its campaign “Join hands for change,” the Congress had issued a series of advertisements published in Web sites and newspapers.

The BJP has raised questions over use of photographs, which they said were from other countries and states.

An advertisement showing a photo of a farmer, to highlight the issue of pending power connections to them in the state said “10 lakh farmers of the state are awaiting electricity connections.”

The ruling BJP had alleged that the photo used in the advertisement was that of a farmer from Rajasthan, a state ruled by the Congress, Party.

The Congress  Party sources said they had outsourced this campaign to an advertising agency which was responsible for selection of material like photographs.