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Friday, Jan 30th

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Uruguay’s Jose world’s poorest President

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London: Uruguayan Presi-dent Jose Mujica has been dubbed as the “poorest President” in the world, as he lives on a ramshackle farm and is known for giving away 90 percent of his earnings to charity.

The charismatic 77-year old has refused to adapt his lifestyle to embrace the trappings of power that comes with being the country’s figurehead, and instead continues to live at the farm situated a few miles away from the country’s capital Montevideo. The only sign the country’s leader is at home are the pair of police officers who stand at the end of his heavily tractor-rutted dirt track.

According to the paper, Mujica gives 90 percent of his monthly salary, the equivalent of £7,500, away to charity leaving him with just £485 a month to live off. The part-time farmer’s proudest and most valuable possessions are his tired-looking Volkswagen Beetle and his three-legged dog Manuela. He gets water from a well and his laundry goes to a washing line outside instead of a tumble dryer.