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Now Bollywood’s jhatkas, matkas in Polish film

Panaji: And you blamed Bollywood for consistently seeking “inspiration” from Hollywood — a Polish film now has a Bollywood — like number and filmmaker Jakub Tarkowski is unabashed in his debt to the Mumbai-based film industry for similar inspiration.

Tarkowski, one of the three directors of the Polish film George The Hedgehog was in Goa to attend the 43rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI). He also said that he was overwhelmed by the host city and the choice of films on offer at the event.

“In our movie, we made a musical sequence that was inspired by Bollywood,” Tarkowski told IANS, while speaking about his film, which is based on comic book strips. Its plot involves two neo Nazis and a scientist, who club their talents together.

The musical sequence is complete with the thumkas and  jhatkas found in Bollywood films.