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Tuesday, Mar 31st

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Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology launches new program

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By Jeanne Garcia

Skokie, IL: Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology (NWIHT) is offering a non-academic program (NWIHT 1000) that focuses on motivation, basic study techniques and time management.

The objectives of the NWIHT 1000  program are:

— To provide the tools for students to be able to increase their motivation, basic study, learning and test-taking skills, as well as effective time management skills; and

— To provide faculty with a tool to use in the first hour (mandatory) of all courses moving forward.

The NWIHT 1000 program is patterned after some successful programs done in the US with the ultimate goal of enabling students to succeed in their educational endeavors, pass examinations in order to increase retention, and also be better prepared to pass the licensing examination for Practical Nurses. This program differentiates North-western Institute of Health and Technology from other schools because it is being offered free of charge for prospective students in order to enable them to have a better chance for success in their educational endeavor.

The program kicked off  in September 2012. NWIHT 1000 is spearheaded by NWIHT’s energetic and innovative academic dean, Dr. Dulcelina Stahl and duly approved by NWIHT’s dedicated and compassionate president Junita P. Julian.