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Narendra Modi slams Congress for ad goof-up

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Gandhinagar: In his second round of 3D addresses, Chief Minister Narendra Modi through a holographic projection spoke at 26 locations at once on November 29 evening for over an hour, covering constituencies in Saurashtra and south Gujarat, which go to polls on December 13.

Appealing to people to vote him for another five years as chief minister, he reiterated that he was the “chowkidaar” of the Gujarat treasury and was protecting it from the Congress.

“Earlier, this money used to get swallowed. Maaru koi Vhalu-dahalu nathi (I don’t have near and dear ones). The six crore Gujaratis are my family and their happiness is mine. Give me a chance to come back for another five years. Let’s promise to make glorious and divine Gujarat,” he said.

To attract votes from the fishing community and tribals staying in these regions, he spoke about a sea weeding project that the government had planned for fisherfolk and a Rs 40,000-crore development package for tribals under the Van Bandhu Yojana. “Whenever our government comes to power, we will create a special network for the middle class that will provide affordable medical treatment. We are not liars like the Congress,” said the CM.

Calling Congress leaders liars, he referred to the blunders in their ad campaigns and said, “They showed pictures of a Sri Lankan child to show Gujarat! The Congress puts pictures of Sri Lanka’s children to spread lies about my toddlers raised in the laps of Gujarat’s mothers.”

Targetting the Congress for corruption, he said, “Don’t look at who your candidate is, what is his caste, which community he belongs to, or with whom you got along or not, just look at Gujarat’s future, look at the experience of last 11 years. The whole country is destroyed, only Gujarat is saved. I am requesting you to press the button on the lotus.”

He recalled how Congress leaders flew into Gujarat when monsoons were delayed and “a lot of money was promised but till today, not “a single paisa has been given to Gujarat’s farmers in spite of them losing their first crop”.

Referring to the 3D technology, he said the Congress was stumped by it and went on to explain how even with the Modi masks he was amidst people. “This is all a supplement to show how advanced Gujarat is, to the world.”

Before the address began, BJP anchors told the crowd that this event of Modi addressing 26 meetings at once was a world record.