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Friday, Mar 27th

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Plastic free Delhi

New Delhi: Each of Delhi’s 4.6 million households uses about five plastic carry bags a day, generating the thousands of tonnes of highly polluting plastic waste every year. Hence the urgency to ban the use of polythene bags, say Delhi government officials.

“In Delhi’s 17 million population, there are 4.6 million households and each household uses about five to six plastic carry bags a day, which means millions of bags are used and strewn around...Which is a serious problem because it is difficult to collect these littered plastic bags. We need to ban it,” a city government official told IANS.

The Delhi government has imposed a “blanket ban” on plastic from November 22, under which no person can manufacture, import, store, sell or transport any kind of plastic bag in the National Capital Territory (NCT). All kinds of plastic bags, even those used to cover magazines, books, invitation cards, will not be allowed. Even garbage bags will not be allowed.

Plastic used to pack food products such as milk, cooking oil, flour bags and plastic cups largely used by tea vendors will be allowed.