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Rivalry has no place, harmony is essence of religions

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By  Sreenivasa Moorthy

Via e-mail

I am commenting on the topic  — Rivalry, competition have no place in religions  —  by Udayashankar  Kasinadhuni, published in India Tribune dated October 12.

Udayashankar Kasinadhuni has written a nice article addressing the present religious thoughts and some following of Sadhus and Babas. We, Indians, are enamored by some individuals, who are saints. The saints follow religions. They teach some important basic principles of life and human behavior. The main populations follow their religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Jainism and Sikhism may be regarded as offshoots of Hinduism. Some major religions have philosophy as the product addressing human behavior and harmony.

Even Hinduism, in spite of vast amount of literature and thousands of years of practice, is misunderstood by Hindus. In Hindu prayer, there is only one God, Achutaya Namaha, Anantaya Namaha, Govindaya Namaha, addressing the most powerful creator of the universe, the God. Then why Hindus create the differences amongst themselves. This is because, I believe, due to establishment of organized society.

For the population to live helping each other, Manu, who was a ruler (Kshatriya), established vocational groups for society. It is fascinating that modern society is establishing vocational schools now, as we need workers in various fields. These vocational groups became castes protecting their turfs over thousands of years.

The Puranas and Itihasas  were written for less educated, to understand the basic religious harmonious  behavior, in the form of stories. The great saints of the recent past like Shiridi Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba and Ramana Marishi wanted the people to follow the ways of Hinduism and live in harmony. The basic principle is forgotten and the Indian groups, who follow these saints, have become cabal groups. You have to be part of the group otherwise you are not part of them and you are uninvited, and even if you are invited, you are received lukewarmly. We humans have a tendency to differentiate ourselves to prove that some are superior to others.

Many of our Hindu scriptures taught us that the creation is one, the creator is one and we are all a part of that creation. We have a finite physical life. In this short life span of living, we want to  waste our lives in creating egos, killings, greed and avarice, and forget the truth of life. We can use this     short life span, in creating things to better our lives or helping each other. I hope Indians in India and abroad, with their ancient culture, help the humanity to live in harmony. Rivalry has no place, harmony is the essence of religions.