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Parivar holds motivational family celebration luncheon

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By Asian Media USA 
Mount Prospect, IL:
Parivar, an organization dedicated to the well being of South Asian families in North America, held a luncheon at the  Bristol Court Banquet Halls here on November 6.  More than 150 people attended the event to hear a motivational speech by  acclaimed author Kendra Smiley.

Parivar’s Executive Director Sam George said:  “The Asian Indian community in the United States has done exceedingly well academically, professionally and hence financially, but relationally we are bankrupt. Among the South Asian community, it is very common to find an ambience of silence when it comes to familial woes. Parivar not only brings attention to the fragile state of families in the community but it aims to help build strong relationships through teaching, counseling and practical methodology. Its services are available to individuals of all ages and from varying familial standpoints — single, engaged, married, parents and  grandparents.”

The luncheon began with a warm  welcome by  masters of ceremonies Ryan and Shoji Boldt, a friendly married couple with two beautiful children. The guests were treated to an inspiring musical performance from Georgy Das, Shiner Godwin and Nandu Chandra. 

A Parivar status report was presented by Sam George in which he mentioned new resource launches such as “Before the Wedding Bells” and “Caring for the South Asian Souls.” He also reviewed recent events, including the highly successful iCare Conference in New York . “Currently, there have been over 60 family results, 120 counseling cases, 250 hospital/prison visits and much more. A 24-hour hotline has also been established for individuals in need nationwide, 1-877-PHELP-111. The organization is planning to expand into Canada and the United Kingdom due to overwhelming demand,” Sam George  said.

Delivering  the keynote address, Kendra Smiley referred to her own experiences and that of her husband John in raising their three sons.  She said that she and her husband have been married over 35 years. Her work as a dedicated mother, entrepreneur, church and community leader earned her the recognition as the Illinois Mother of the Year in 2001.

Kendra referred to select verses from the Bible that shed light on married and family life. She encouraged individuals to be an imitator of God not only in the marketplace, because that would simply be too easy, but to imitate the divine in the home through acts of kindness, generosity and humility. She stressed the medical analogy of prevention over prescription to the family setting. She ended her address by referring to Parivar’s motto, “Building Strong Families One Home at a Time,” and “One home at a time starts with us.”

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