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Tuesday, Mar 31st

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Landmark decision by Supreme Court

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By R. M. Ramaul

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The Supreme Court’s decision to ban the convicted politicians from contesting elections is appreciable. It has expressed the feelings of millions of countrymen. Under the present system, tainted politicians are being elected and becoming rulers due to their money and muscle power. Shamefully, the biggest democracy of the world currently has 162 hard core criminals in Parliament and more than 1,450 MLAs in the state assemblies.

The second step to clean politics is the landmark decision of the Chief Information Commissioner to bring political parties under the ambit of the RTI Act. Authority and accountability go hand in hand and the elected representatives, who assume power after getting elected, can’t absolve themselves of their responsibility to answer searching question by the electorate. Their picking up quarrel with the CIC’s move points to the fact that they have something to hide.

The third landmark step is that the Allahabad High Court’s daring order to bar caste-based rallies in UP.  Most politicians tend to divide the country in the name of caste, creed and religion. We should, therefore, ban these unwarranted caste-based rallies to ensure the country’s unity and integrity. It is high time we weeded out criminals from politics through hard decisions to save the country from disintegration.